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Blaq is Coming…

If you haven’t heard, Blaq has secured development and is well on it’s way to finding itself in your hands.

If you’re on Twitter (which, let’s face it, if you aren’t, you’re probably not reading this), be sure to follow @Blaq, @Hamrick and @kfow35 for all updates, leaks and contests regarding Blaq.

We will be working on putting a timeline together for when you can expect to start seeing Blaq in person, and we’ll share that as soon as we can deduce a good window.

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.

Blaq – A BlackBerry Twitter Revolution

Tired of keeping a handful of Twitter apps around on your BlackBerry smartphone just to obtain a faux sense of having it all? We are, too.

Never before has a BlackBerry Twitter client truly satisfied the user’s ideal picture of the perfect, well-rounded app — until now.

Enter Blaq — a feature-rich Twitter client for BlackBerry that brings the best of all worlds with the functionality you need, but also the stunning visuals that you’ve always yearned for.

Keep your eyes glued here, the official blog of Blaq, for important news and updates on when you can expect to start experiencing Twitter — the way you should be — on a BlackBerry smartphone near you.

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