We couldn’t be more pleased to be announcing that Blaq is officially available for your BlackBerry PlayBook in App World!

Seeing as how the PlayBook scene has thus-far been devoid of any real fuller-featured Twitter apps, we wanted to make sure that we got Blaq to market as quickly as possible. Therefore, the app you see in App World today is far from the extent of our goals for its development.

In fact, thanks in large part to Adobe’s AIR platform (and in larger part to the awesome development skills of our dev Jerome Carty), we were able to move from initial concept to App World in a matter of about a month.

We still have a lot of work to do, but PlayBook users finally have an app that they can truly experience Twitter with. Here are a few cool features you’ll find in Blaq today:

  • Gestures: swipe the tweet card down to access the composing box, or swipe it off to the right to get rid of it all together
  • Tap and hold: hold the reply button to choose whether to reply or reply all, holding the RT button will allow you to edit your retweets before sending them
  • Embed.ly support baked in: load a whole mess of links from hundreds of different services, ranging from all your standard photo sharing services and YouTube, to more exotic content from sites like SoundForge and Dribbble

We have tons of additional features planned for Blaq, too. We’ll be updating the app as quickly as possible until all of our planned features are in place. Some of these include but are absolutely not limited to:

  • List support: Yeah, sorry guys…it being in the features list was an accident, but it will be present in the first update!
  • More advanced notifications: there are still some limitations regarding native notifications on the PlayBook platform, but we’re working on some stellar solutions
  • Multi-account support: we wanted to make sure you had a solid app to use one account with first, but multi-account support is a major focus for us — just requires more testing
  • Customization: since one of the bigger benefits of our original BlackBerry app was extensive customization, expect deep menus with lots of fun options in a near-future update

Stay tuned to this blog, the @Blaq Twitter account, @Hamrick (designer) and @jcarty (developer) for all the latest updates!

All the best, and all. Blaq. Everything.