Blaq started with a very simple and fundamental goal — to create a BlackBerry Twitter client that was functional, but also brought tremendous, jaw-dropping visuals as well. After all, why should iPhone users have all the fun?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to make a BlackBerry application that looks good without suffering slow, buggy performance. It just takes a little more care and hard work.

In fact, what began as simply an attempt to knock socks off with stunning visuals, has gradually become much, much more than that. With development moving at an almost alarming rate, Blaq has already reached nearly the same level, regarding functionality, as any other BlackBerry Twitter client available — and it’s only been in development for about two months. Not only that, but there are a healthy handful of things that Blaq can do that no other BB Twitter app (or in some cases, any BB app, period) can do.

We set out to create something that was pleasant to look at, and now we find ourselves poised to bring something incredibly special that no one’s ever seen before. We’re excited, and we hope you are, too!

UI Design and Concepts

Ryan Hamrick

Development and Magic

Kyle Fowler