We’re here. It’s Blaq Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited about giving you all the chance to see what we’ve dedicated our lives to for the past three months.

Before you go crazy, we will indeed be launching today! The App World links may be a bit behind, but our MobiHand link should be available very soon.

Now here’s the deal. In order to meet this #BlaqFriday and not have to make it next week, we simply weren’t able to get to a point that we were happy with on the touch and BlackBerry 6-compatible versions. But not to worry, we’re close, and we will be right back in the coming days with the rest of the versions.

Today, we’ll be bringing you the 480 x 360 resolution (9700, 96xx and 89xx) and the 320 x 240 resolution (93xx, 85xx and 83xx) in both the full, paid version for $4.99, and also BlaqLite, our free version.

Which brings us to the last thing we wanted to mention before we go. Blaq updates and upgrades will be free…for life. :)

With all that said, bear with us and keep your eyes peeled. Believe us, if we could’ve given you Blaq at Midnight last night we would have. We’re just at the mercy of others now. If your phone isn’t supported today, it won’t be long at all, we promise. We wanted to give you what we have now, instead of making everyone wait. We love you all and appreciate your support and patience.

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.