The number may seem like a very small change, but much has been accomplished in the past week.

While we haven’t forgotten about you, this update isn’t accompanied by touch or Bold 9000 support just yet. We really wanted to get the other versions out within a week of the original ones, but opening up to users around the globe hipped us to a fun new little round of errors and bugs that we’ve been working night and day to try and fix.

The good news is, this update is a very important step in getting to those versions. I’ve explained to many of you individually on Twitter over the past week that the main reason we’ve delayed the other versions is to avoid the carrying over of the same issues early users experienced to everyone else. Now that we feel like we’ve reached a point of real solidarity, we can now move on to making all other versions as awesome as you deserve them to be.

But for now, we bring you version 1.01.2. Find the links below, immediately followed by the changelog.

As always, let us know what you think and if you have any problems, use the “Send Feedback” option in the menu and reach out to us! Anyone who has thus far should tell you that we’ve done our very best to provide quick, helpful responses, and we take everyone’s feedback to heart. We want Blaq to be the best app for you, and if it’s not, we’d love to have to opportunity to try and make it that way.

BlaqLite (FREE)

Blaq ($4.99)

New Additions:

- Profile editing
- Avatar updating
- New “G” shortcut for Go to User Profile
- “Connection” setting in Settings screen
- “Animate Timeline” has been changed to “Swipe to Switch”
- “Get more” in user timeline and list timeline


- Fixed BIS support
- Fixed TwitLonger support
- Fixed manager.insert error
- Fixed local timeout error
- Many optimizations for increased speed