If there’s one question I’ve been asked more than any other since the launch of Blaq, it would have to be — “When will the touch/OS6 version be available?” :)

The second most popular inquiry would have to be from people curious as to what the differences are between the free and paid versions of Blaq, aside from the presence of ads. The features that didn’t make it into BlaqLite are explicitly listed in the “Features” section of the BlaqLite MobiHand page, but let’s take a closer look at what those are exactly, and what they mean for the overall Blaq experience.

Quick Tweet

This is one that especially confuses people, because both versions have Quick Tweet. However, there is a major key difference in what Quick Tweet offers the user between versions. In BlaqLite, a “Quick Tweet” option is in the BlackBerry menu from every screen in the OS, with the exception of one — the homescreen. With Blaq, you have the same capability, but in addition, you can download what we call the Quick Tweet plug-in. This is actually a separate, super-lightweight (10kb) application available from within the settings screen of Blaq. This plug-in then gives you the ability to set Quick Tweet as a convenience key, set it up with the very popular QuickLaunch application, or even build custom shortcuts to its module from your BlackBerry themes. One of the coolest things about this functionality is, if you’re one of many people who always come back to their homescreen, you can tweet from right there, never leaving home. Also, if you’re the battery-saving type, get this — Blaq doesn’t even have to be running to use Quick Tweet.

Individual Timeline Refreshing

Another big difference between Blaq and BlaqLite is the depth at which a user can customize his or her auto-refresh settings. In Blaq, like we showed you in our post, Blaq Introduction Series: Account Control, you can individually set the refresh rate for each of your three main timelines — Home (all friends), Mentions and Direct Messages. This gives you fantastic control of how much battery life you want to consume. In BlaqLite, however, you’ll just find the same type of setting found in all other BlackBerry Twitter apps — one setting for all of them.

Cross-account Posting

Multi-account support in Blaq is like no other Twitter client available on the BlackBerry platform. Not only can you set up multiple accounts simultaneously in the app (I have 4 set up currently), but with Blaq, you can actually update your status from any or all of them at the same time without ever having to type the same message more than once. There’s an account picker that lets you check a box next to each account that you want the tweet to be sent from. That’s right, you don’t even have to be “logged-in” to the other accounts, they just need to be authorized and in your accounts list!

In BlaqLite, however, while multiple account support is still included, posting from more than one account at the same time is not an option in the compose screen.

If those stand-out features weren’t enough to push you over the edge, don’t forget that you will get free updates for life.

Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions about what buying Blaq can do for you. :)

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.