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The Blaq Introduction Series: Next-Level Features

I’ve spoken several times before about how we started this project with the main goal being to create a visually stunning Twitter client for the BlackBerry community so desperately in need of new, great-looking apps. Little did I know, I would eventually come across an absolute rockstar developer who shared a lot of the same passions and goals as I did for breathing a little new life into an arguably stale platform. Together we set out to build a Twitter app that could hold it’s own feature-wise, but look darn good doing it. But at some point in development, things suddenly took a turn from good-looking and good enough, to good-looking and — groundbreaking. Read more

The Blaq Introduction Series: Account Control

For the third installment of the Blaq Introduction Series, we’re talking all about account control.

Now when I say account control, I don’t just mean Twitter accounts that you own and manage. We’re also talking other users’ Twitter accounts, too. Read more

The Blaq Introduction Series: Integration

One of the key aspects that qualify a BlackBerry app as a Super App is integration. More specifically, it needs to have tight integration with native BlackBerry apps. People ask me quite often, “Just what makes you think that Blaq, a Twitter client, has what it takes to be a Super App?”

Well, there are many reasons, and in fact, Blaq actually hits all six of the major Super App criteria. But one of the areas where Blaq really shines as being particularly “Super” is its integration. Read more

The Blaq Introduction Series: UI Overview

Welcome to the first installment of the Blaq Introduction Series. Over the next week or so, we will bring to you a new aspect or feature of Blaq that you may not have known about or that may need a bit of explaining. Blaq isn’t just any ordinary Twitter client, so why should it have ordinary features? In this series, we will both introduce you to some of these extraordinary features, and also explain how they work.

For part one of the series, we’re going to be taking a brief tour of the overall user interface, including a few of the interesting or unique elements that make Blaq particularly special. Read more

Announcing the Blaq Beta Contest Winners!

Wow. Until now, the very small group of beta testers for Blaq has been hand-picked by the development team. Yet still, the numbers you have shown up in to support and promote our little app without even really seeing much of it at all, is truly astounding. Thanks to each and every one of you who have participated and made this contest such a huge success.

Now if you’ll remember, we said that in this contest, we would pick three winners that retweeted the contest message and followed myself, @kfow35, and @Blaq. Since is so horribly unreliable, I decided to just use to select random followers of mine, and then follow up to ensure they met all the criteria. It took a little bit, but I saw this as the fairest way possible to do this.

So that’s three new members of the still-very-exclusive beta testing group — but there’s more.

Last week, I also said that when I hit 500 followers, I would give three people access to Blaq. Well, in the follow spree that ensued after the beginning of this contest, that goal was quickly met. So, SIX new people will be added, in total.

So here’s the deal. Just today, we were granted access to xAuth by Twitter, which we still need to implement and test tonight (that basically just translates to a smoother, easier authorization process for you). Tonight, we will make sure that’s running as it should, maybe cram a few hot new features in, and then tomorrow morning, the winners will be emailed with download instructions, the appropriate passwords/PIN codes and a LOT more details about Blaq and how it works.

With all that said, we hope you’ve had as much fun with this as we have, and if you didn’t win this time, it’s definitely nothing personal. Please don’t get discouraged. The contest was completely random and is just the first of many to come!

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.

Want to Test Blaq? Here’s Your Chance!

So you’ve been wanting to test Blaq, huh? Well, here’s your opportunity.

Like the tweet said, all you have to do it retweet and follow @Hamrick, @kfow35 and @Blaq. It’s that simple!

The contest will run from now until Wednesday at 5:00 PM EDT. At that time, we’ll pick three winners and send them an invitation email with download details and instructions.

Pretty easy, right?

We look forward to adding a few new folks to the testing team. A little new perspective is always a good thing.

Also, feel free to leave a comment and tell us how excited you are for the official release of Blaq!

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.

Blaq is Coming…

If you haven’t heard, Blaq has secured development and is well on it’s way to finding itself in your hands.

If you’re on Twitter (which, let’s face it, if you aren’t, you’re probably not reading this), be sure to follow @Blaq, @Hamrick and @kfow35 for all updates, leaks and contests regarding Blaq.

We will be working on putting a timeline together for when you can expect to start seeing Blaq in person, and we’ll share that as soon as we can deduce a good window.

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.

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