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Blaq Updated – Version 1.01

Hey Everyone,

Quick update here to let you know that version 1.01 has been uploaded to mobihand and is available for your download. Only a few fixes here but important ones for some people.

People who had issues with BIS only will now be able to login and use the app.
Incorrect Signature error when tweeting special characters (i.e. accented characters) has been fixed.
Send feedback menu fixed.

Get In On The Crackberry Contest!

Development is moving along at a feverish pace, and we are getting closer and closer to the general public finally getting a glimpse of this majestic product. But in the mean time,  if you really want to see what all the hyperbolic talk is about, head on over to Crackberry where we are giving away 5 invites to the beta testing group. Sure you could just win and look at the pretty pictures but we’d love for a few more dedicated testers to bug us with feedback. So what are you waiting for, go leave a comment and join our team! Comment Here to win and on our blog just for fun.


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