Today, we’ve officially reached the milestone of version 0.1.0!

This may not seem like much to many of you, but if you only knew the slow, painstakingly methodical pace at with the previous versions have progressed thus far…let’s just say, it’s a very big deal to us.

So what does v0.1 mean to you? Well, a couple of things.

For one, it means we’re a huge step closer to an official release build. A Twitter follower asked a great question this morning. He said, “Will you wait to launch at v1.0, or stick with v0.x?” The answer is this: We simply do not have time (especially at the pace we’ve progressed to this point) to go all the way from 0.1 to 1.o. The reason we don’t have time is because the deadline for the Super Apps Developer Challenge is September 6th — which we absolutely plan on entering. Submitted apps must be in BlackBerry App World, so therefore, Blaq will be available to users all over the world by no later than that time.

Version 0.1 also means a reason for celebration! We’re feeling pretty good today, not only because of this silly little number, but also because we really have an excellent build on our hands, here. The list of remaining tweaks and improvements keeps getting smaller and smaller, while big features keep getting added and added.

So because we’re feeling so good about everything today, we’re going to be announcing a contest later on for what will probably be the last batch of invites to join our beta before this bad boy goes live to the public. We’re not 100% set on what to do to determine winners yet, so if you have any great ideas, please share them in the comments! Who knows, if we like and use your idea, you might just win regardless of the contest. :)

So that’s it! We hope you’re as excited about Blaq as we are, and we can’t wait for everyone to be able to experience Twitter on BlackBerry — the way it should be.

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.