The @Blaq Twitter account has added a substantial number of followers even just since we launched last Friday. We love it and we’re so grateful for the continued support and to all of you for spreading the word.

However, a lot of our more recent followers weren’t around for things like the Blaq Introduction Series, where we broke down virtually every feature of the application and showed where almost everything is. So, we figured it might be incredibly helpful for a lot of our early adopters to give a friendly nudge in the direction of some pretty thorough help.

Some of you who have been around have been asking questions answered within the Blaq Introduction Series, too (it’s okay, we know there’s some pretty unique things going on where you might need a refresher as to how they work :P ).

So if you need a little help, take a look back at the BIS for some feature details and tips.

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.

The Blaq Introduction Series: UI Overview

The Blaq Introduction Series: Integration

The Blaq Introduction Series: Account Control

The Blaq Introduction Series: Next-Level Features

PS – Click on the picture above  for a nice 1440 x 1080 wallpaper (the full-size design version of the Blaq companion theme’s wallpaper).