For the third installment of the Blaq Introduction Series, we’re talking all about account control.

Now when I say account control, I don’t just mean Twitter accounts that you own and manage. We’re also talking other users’ Twitter accounts, too.

Multi-account Support

This past Monday, in part one of our series, I hinted at multi-account support in Blaq when we were taking a look at the new tweet screen. Let’s take a closer look at the full scope of this feature’s capabilities.

Being able to set up multiple accounts in a mobile Twitter client is nothing new, really. Several other apps support it, and as Twitter becomes a more and more common tool for so many things, this kind of functionality becomes necessary for more an more people.

In Blaq, you can set up all your accounts simultaneously, making one your default account. Sure, you can switch between accounts if you want, but the real fun lies elsewhere.

When composing a new tweet, Blaq lets you pick your posting account on the fly. Just scroll down and select the “Accounts” icon. A checkbox will pop up, listing all of the accounts you have created. Simply go through, and check the ones you want to post to. Blaq takes care of the rest and posts your status update to each of your selected accounts simultaneously without missing a beat or slowing down one bit. But that’s not all.

There are other mobile Twitter clients for BlackBerry that allow this sort of cross-account posting, but what about retweets? If you decide you want to use the new Twitter-style retweet for whatever reason, typically there’s zero editing or custom-posting allowed. In Blaq, however, after selecting the new style retweet, your familiar account picker pops up, allowing to select which/all of your accounts to perform a Twitter retweet from.

Pretty cool, huh?


We also hinted at the BlaqOut feature earlier in the series. If you hadn’t guessed, BlaqOut is Blaq’s name for filters, or “muting”.

You can select either users or phrases that you want to Blaq out, and completely eliminate them from your timeline. You can also easily add users to your BlaqOut list by simply opening the BlackBerry menu with a tweet from the user being Blaq’d out highlighted, and selecting “BlaqOut User”.

Future functionality will even allow for individual timeline filtering. Meaning, if you have a particular user on your BlaqOut list because you don’t want to see everything they have to say, but you want to be able to see and respond to any mentions from them, you can block that person’s general tweets from your home timeline only. Again, the idea is having total control over your personal Twitter experience.

After all, that’s what Twitter’s supposed to be all about, right? Making it what you want it to be? Blaq allows you start breaking free from the typical confines of everyday Twitter applications, and reclaim your experience.