One of the key aspects that qualify a BlackBerry app as a Super App is integration. More specifically, it needs to have tight integration with native BlackBerry apps. People ask me quite often, “Just what makes you think that Blaq, a Twitter client, has what it takes to be a Super App?”

Well, there are many reasons, and in fact, Blaq actually hits all six of the major Super App criteria. But one of the areas where Blaq really shines as being particularly “Super” is its integration.


Contact Linking


At first thought, it might seem kind of pointless to have your twitter friends linked to contacts on your phone. A lot of us have a good majority of Twitter friends that we don’t “know in real life” or have any contact info for. But where linking becomes really useful, is in what you can do with it after you’ve made the connection.

Scrolling through your contact book and find a Twitter friend that you want to mention? Just hit the BlackBerry menu button, select the “Blaq…” option and with the click of a button, you’re in the Blaq compose screen directing a message at your buddy’s Twitter handle.

From the same menu, you have immediate access to your linked friends’ Twitter profile pages as well. Add these options to a contact that you do “know in real life” and have true, traditional information for, and suddenly, you’ve got quite the resource for that person, where you just had bland basics before.


Messages App Integration


Nothing makes an application scream native quite like seeing messages in the official Messages App on your device. With Blaq, you have the choice of getting a Messages notification for every mention and every direct message you receive. You can also choose to allow one and not the other, or none at all. You might ask what the point would be of having notifications in two places. Well, sometimes you don’t always have the time to scroll through timelines looking for specific messages. Blaq’s Messages integration allows you to pick and choose which messages you want to view and/or reply to right away, and with single click, takes you right to the information you want — right now.


Tweet Page from Browser


Viewing a site or article on your BlackBerry browser, and want to share it with your Twitter followers? Blaq makes it easy. Simply open the BlackBerry menu, select “Tweet Page with Blaq” and you’re instantly composing a new tweet with the link there and ready to go.


Tweet #nowplaying


One thing BlackBerry users have been clamoring for is the ability to instantly tweet what they are currently listening to on their phone, like their iPhone-toting friends have been doing for some time. With the arrival of Blaq, the wait is over. Blaq cleverly takes the song and artist information from the track currently playing on your device, adds the popular #nowplaying prefix and dumps it into a new tweet. But as with most everything in Blaq, you still have ultimate control. You then have the ability to edit the tweet as you see fit, add your favorite quote from the track, whatever you want to do.

With Blaq, we wanted to make it feel like it truly belongs on the device. Like it was built-in. We’re really proud of how natural everything feels, and it’s hard to think of using Twitter any other way with BlackBerry now — when Blaq just fits so good.