Alright guys, here we go. Like the tweet said, to enter this contest, all you have to do is retweet this tweet…

…ensuring that the #BlaqIsComing and #SuperApp tags are there and visible (beware of twitlonger links), and make sure you’re following @Blaq, @kfow35 and @Hamrick.

That’s all there is to it! The contest will run until 8:00 PM EDT tomorrow night, Sunday, August 22nd, and five winners will be selected at random from those that qualify.

Like the title says, with the small amount of time we have left until Blaq™ needs to be submitted to App World, this will be the last and final pre-launch contest for beta testing invites. If you don’t win this weekend, though, don’t get discouraged. There will be plenty of giveaways and contests for lots of goodies after launch as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get to retweeting! Best of luck to everyone, and we can’t wait to have you on our beta team!

All the best, and All. Blaq. Everything.